Chakra Therapy

Since today's topic is spirituality, why not discuss cleansing your chakras? Or, chakra therapy.

In this short article, let's briefly discuss it.

First, I want to explain what your chakras are. Then, I'll talk about why it's important to cleanse then. Finally, we'll talk about how you can cleanse them.

Okay. What are your chakras?

The meaning of the word chakra itself in its original language means "wheel". They are individual energies aligned vertically in our bodies. There are seven chakras, each having their own function; neither is more superior than the other, and instead equal.

And, because they are your energies, equal, and aligned, they must be cleansed.

Now, how do you cleanse them?

Here's my top three ways to cleanse your chakras:

  1. Meditation. This one's kind of a no-brainer. Meditation is the root of all spiritual practices. Whether it's sitting criss-crossed with your eyes closed, or it's prayer, it's important, and definitely cleanses your chakras.

  2. Nutrition. With this one, each chakra has its own nutrient that increases its performance. However, a healthy and balanced diet will do the trick!

  3. Healing Crystals. These are the real secret! Click the crystals below to get yourself this set of Tesh Care Healing Crystals.

Overall, the list doesn't have to be long. It's just about living a healthy, balanced, and calm lifestyle.

Before you go, make sure to get yourself those wonderful chakra therapy crystals!

- Ethan


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