You're Only As Strong As Your Legs

Did you know that the strength of your legs define the strength of you?

Your legs help you stabilize the rest of your body's muscles, even when you aren't working them out. Yes, even while bench pressing.

This brings me to my next point: STOP SKIPPING LEG DAY. Leg day is probably the most important day out of any other day you can come up with!

Your leg muscles give you more benefits than you most likely are aware of. From injury prevention to calorie burning, you have this amazing opportunity that many people don't take - or can't take.

For example, there are many people in this world who don't have their legs, and would do anything to get them, whereas half of the people I know take their legs for granted. What the hell?!

Here are five examples of the great results you see from working your legs:

  • You don't look like a chicken. Yeah I said it. Stop walking on needles! Work your legs! You'll look so much more proportional and a hell of a lot sexier.

  • Minimize your chances of future injuries. Exercising muscles also increases bone density, minimizing your chances of injury even more!

  • Maximize your growth hormone - this one especially if you're into bodybuilding.

  • Speed up metabolism. Even when resting; if your muscles are toned and muscular, you'll be burning calories by the second - even when resting.

  • Improve confidence. I mean we're talking walking taller and straighter, with the look on your face that says "I'm confident as fuck".

Also, I personally recommend getting a squat rack for your home. This is a purchase you will not regret! It'll motivate you to work harder, and squat harder, and will make you proud and others jealous as they see you can do squats anytime you like!

CLICK HERE to view my squat rack recommendation, or click the squat rack below.

- Ethan


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