When Should You Meditate?

Meditation is honestly an intimate thing. It's a personal thing. It's something that's shared between you, God, and nature. But, when should you do it?

In my opinion, there's not one perfect time to do it. However, I prefer in the morning (sunrise), noon, or evening-ish (sunset). MY FAVORITE is the morning.

I absolutely love to wake up before the sun has risen, and meditate until the sun is halfway up. That way, I can open my eyes after my nerves and mind have been cleared of all negativity, and watch that amazing sun rise up before the world. It truly is an incredible experience, and is why my favorite is sunrise. But, still, noon is great too, and evening as well. In fact, many people meditate before the sun sets. Again, it's an intimate and personal thing, and should only be decided by YOU.

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- Ethan

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