What's The Best Way To Reduce Stress?

I want to ask you a question: are your stress levels high? Stop and think about your life right now. Are you stressed out about a million different things?

Did you answer "yes"? If you did, let me ask you another question: would you like to know the best way to solve it? I'm sure you answered "yes" to that too.

Unfortunately, there is not just one best method to reduce stress levels. All methods are different, and because all people are different, all methods will work differently for all people. It's just fact.

BUT... what does every person need to do? Identify your stressors! What the heck is stressing you? If you know right off the top of your head, then finding the solution(s) is going to be just as easy as identifying the stressors. However, if you're having trouble trying to pinpoint what is the underlying cause of your stress, then before you go off trying to find solutions, I'd recommend you to think deeply about the stressors first.

Think about it like this: you have a garden. And, every year you want to plant some vegetables in there. What's the first step? Well, weeds grow in there every year naturally too. Now, you don't want to kill them using herbicide, because you're going to be eating the vegetables growing in the soil filled with plant poison. So, what do you do?

You rip the weeds out by the roots. Not cut them. They're only going to grow back. But pull those damn roots out.

Same thing with stress. Don't suppress it with alcohol. Find out what's bugging you, and attack the roots of the problem!

Another thing that's interesting about the weeds analogy, is they spread like wildfire. Again, same thing with stress.

I've talked about the various things you can do to relieve stress. And, that is definitely important in its own way. But, you can't do much if you don't know what's causing the problem in the first place. After you figure that out, you can get straight to work on plucking your stressors out of your life, one by one, by the roots.

Also, this is not the type of subject where you nod your head, agree, and then go back to living the life you've been living. It's about action. Seriously, find out what's causing your stress. You're going to feel so much more refreshed! The reason being, is the fact that stress diminishes the quality of life. It keeps you from being the best you. It stops you from working on your passions, and even being productive because you're "too stressed out".

I'm sure you can relate to me on this: your day has been so fricking stressful, you come home, and even though you have goals you're trying to achieve, and have laid out a beautiful step-by-step plan to achieve them, you're too stressed to even start on them. And, as a result, you never accomplish them.

Therefore, think about how far you'll get in if you could pluck those stressors out like they're weeds in a garden. Trust me, it's going to be satisfying.

- Ethan

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