What Markets Should YOU Invest In?

There are many different markets to look into before deciding which to invest in. On top of that, being a successful investor is usually done when you have knowledge on not just one market, but multiple.

Because there's so many markets, I'll only be discussing a few. Let's take a look into three different markets you can invest in. Also, knowing the markets is one thing, but being educated and confident in your abilities on how to invest in them properly, is another. Therefore, I'm not only going to list some of the most popular markets, but also discuss how you can invest in them. Let's take a look.


The stock market is possibly the most popular market. Now, how exactly do you invest in it? First, let's take a look at what the stock market is: a stock is a piece of a C or S Corporation (company or brand is the way the majority recognize "Corporation" as). Therefore, owners of a corporation are called "stockholders".

Of course, if you buy a few Amazon stocks, this DOES NOT mean you can come inside an Amazon warehouse and boss everybody around. You see, there are two most typical types of stocks: common, and preferred. Both give the stockholder a percentage in the company - and that percentage determines the stockholder's dividend amount - but common stocks give the stockholder authority (such as voting rights). And, preferred stocks are what you usually get in the public stock market (meaning, if you buy stocks on Robinhood, you own a piece of the pie, but you can't decide things such as, how much money is reinvested before dividends are divided, what the company's new slogan is, who is the CEO, etc).

Back to the main point: because of the liquidity of stocks, you can invest in the stock market in two different ways: flipping or long-term hold. Flipping is where you buy low and sell high, but isn't long-term, but rather is bought and sold on a daily, weekly, or sometimes monthly basis (capital gains). On the other hand, long-term hold is where you'd buy stocks, and hold onto them as they not only grow in value, but pay you dividends as well, which rise as the price of the stock rises (passive income). Imagine buying enough stocks that pay you $10,000 a month in dividends, as well as growing in value. Plus, like all other assets, you can pass it on to your kids, or sell them after holding onto them for years, which would result in a massive capital gain.


In real estate, the two most common forms of investing are similar to the stock market: flipping (buy low and sell high), or long-term hold (but, instead of "dividends", it's called "rent"). Investing in real estate is one of my favorites because of its notorious income stability (the rent doesn't typically change but dividends frequently do).

When buying low and selling high, to be successful, there's no doubt you need a team. You cannot do it on your own. Sure, you'll be splitting profits, but if you're that greedy, you should not participate in this market at all. PERIOD. Plus, if you're going to be one of those people (the "all by myself" people), you're going to get crushed in this market anyways by the people who do it right (teamwork). The difference between all by yourself, and teamwork, is one flip a month vs one flip a year (or multiple years). Your choice.

And, with long-term holds, you'll need to get educated on things like real estate law, risk management, tenant agreements, and so on. However, when you are educated and confident, your success in this market will be just on the other side of that wall.


This is an interesting market. The foreign exchange market (or, in short, "FOREX") is the market that holds the most money (in the entire world), with $5,000,000,000,000 in trading per day. So if you're not jumping into this market, you're missing out. Your trading profits could be coming from that $5 Trillion.

And, investing the FOREX market isn't too difficult either. If you've ever traveled and exchanged your country's currency for the country that you arrived to, you've participated in the FOREX market. However, being a FOREX investor is a little different. Unlike the stock market, the FOREX market is open 24/7 besides one day a week (and some holidays).

As far as I know, you can't invest in it for passive income (such as dividends or rent), so therefore it's purely flipping, or "trading", as you'd normally call it. Basically, you'd buy a currency (online), wait for its value to rise, because of the buy low and sell high philosophy, and then sell it (also online). Viola. There are some capital gains.

Before you go off and think you're going to be making millions tonight, it's important to take a step back and get financially educated. And, as always, I'm not talking about college - one of the biggest scams of all - but rather private education (books, seminars/webinars, YouTube videos, etc).

On top of that, in the end, you do need money in order to invest. And, the more money you make by investing, the more money you put back into investing which ultimately makes you richer by the day. This is where the saying "the rich get richer" comes from.

If you want access to a system - I've personally used - that not only teaches you how but also gives you the tools that you need to launch an online business (that you can manage ANYWHERE you want), CLICK HERE. With this system, you'll be well on your way to generate enough disposable income - passively (and, again, from anywhere you want) - to be able to invest in any market you'd like.

- Ethan

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