What I Use To Meditate

I absolutely love to meditate. I've talked about the different ways to meditate before, and the way I personally do it, but I never really got into depth of what I "use". Well, to start, if I meditate inside, I always meditate with incense sticks (burning them outside is kind of pointless in my opinion...)

Nevertheless, I've come up with the top 5 things to have, when meditating:

  1. Meditation music. I personally use Spotify, but of course if you use a different program that's totally up to you! Spotify has great soundtracks and you can customize your playlists - plus, the deal you get for their subscription is great! Either way, meditation music, whether it's with earbuds or a nice speaker, meditation and relaxation music truly clears your mind, calms you down, and allows you to enter a world never entered before.

  2. Yoga mat. I use my yoga mat set, for both fitness and meditation.

  3. Incense sticks. Again, no matter what, if I'm meditating inside, I'll burn incense sticks. I love the way they smell, and make me feel when the whole room smells like it's cleansed.

  4. Comfortable clothing. Sounds funny, but believe me when I say this: it works WONDERS. It's truly amazing, how much of a difference comfy clothes make in a meditation session, than if you're trying to meditate in the outfit you dread but only put on to impress others... Just saying

  5. Sleeping mask (AKA eye mask). This also might sound strange, but sleeping masks are designed to assist in sleeping by eliminating the light that might irritate somebody and keep them from falling asleep, or even staying asleep. Oftentimes, people who try to meditate, state they have a hard time keeping their eyes closed, and perhaps have light bothering them - for example, when meditating outside while the sun is up (I'm one of those people!) Say goodbye to that problem, when you use a sleep mask!

Keep on meditating! Also, if you are interested in the incense sticks I personally use, CLICK HERE.

- Ethan


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