What I Use For Education

Education is important! No doubt about that.

But, like I speak about quite often, is that there are far better ways to grow in your education, than college.

I call it the unorthodox way.

This is the way I educate myself; before, today, and always.

I'm talking about private education. It's what most of the entrepreneurs you're familiar with, used and use.

No, not private schools. Private education.

You see, after high school, the "system" (designed for the rich, in fact), wants you to go to college. The average cost for a public college four-year degree, is $10,000. That's $2,500 per year, and again, that's just the average PUBLIC college. Now, private colleges are about 5X more than that (this is why I said I'm not talking about private schools... I'll get to my point in just a second).

Private education, on the other hand, is things like books, seminars/webinars, YouTube, and private courses. They teach you what college can and much more because you go beyond the college criteria. Yeah, they're not "recognized" as a diploma, but that doesn't seem to matter to entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, who are all college dropouts! You see my point? Personally, my biggest asset is my laptop. I'm able to publish books, send emails, and write blogs like this.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, my favorite business book OF ALL TIME, is literally $7.47 on Amazon, RIGHT NOW, and trust me that beats $2,500 per year, at a crappy college.

So, back to the whole point of this post:

What do I use for my education?

Before I start the list, keep in mind my definition of private education: books, seminars/webinars, YouTube, and private courses (there's also other things included, though, these are the most common).

The top five things I use for my education, are:

* My awesome laptop. Seriously, there's nothing I'd be able to do without it.

* Speakers for better sound quality when doing things like educational videos.

* Incense sticks - I use them for meditation primarily, but they help me focus with this stuff too.

* Professional notebook. You bet your ass I take notes!

* Sticky notes. Similar to notebook (taking notes), but with these, I take smaller notes or simply use them for book marks (because, you don't always stop on a fresh page, sometimes you need to bookmark the middle of the page).

If you want to see the laptop I personally use, (and, again, it will do wonders for you!) CLICK HERE

- Ethan


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