What Do You Want To Learn About?

If you want to learn about something specific, I'd like to point out that you're going to do a better job at learning that subject, than if you were to study something you're not interested in. Studies have shown that when somebody is interested in a subject, they excel at it. And, that's not a coincidence.

Now, you may be wondering; "where do I start". Not college. That's for sure.

Instead, something I call "private education". Start with YouTube videos. Then, move onto things that cost money. Buy a brand new laptop to motivate you to do all of this.

You can read ebooks, or physical books. You can follow somebody's blog on the topic you're learning about. Perhaps, you can sign up for private courses, or seminars/webinars (CLICK HERE for my favorite laptop for webinars).

At the end of the day, you need to make time for yourself. And, by studying your own passion, you not only get smarter by the day, but also have fun!

Keep on learning!

- Ethan


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