Water Your Relationships

A relationship is like a plant. You initially "plant a seed", and then give it the proper care and attention it needs, to be able to grow into its full potential.

Many of us fail to continue to water those plants - to continue to maintain those relationship.

Here are seven ways you can "water" your relationships with your loved ones:

  1. Remind them that you love them, daily. Plus, you seriously never know when "that time", comes. It's hard to accept, but it's true. None of us last forever. And, you'll never regret reminding them of your love.

  2. Don't forget their birthdays. Mark it on your calendar, I don't care! At least wish them a happy birthday. Just, don't forget, or especially ignore it.

  3. Occasionally buy them spontaneous gifts. That's always very heart warming.

  4. Spontaneous "thinking of you" texts. Just a sweet message, out of nowhere, that makes them feel special.

  5. Schedule time to spend with them! Go on a hike, to the movies, and do stuff! Perhaps talk, get things off your chest, and continue making that relationships stronger.

  6. Give them space when they need it. Yes, you need to remind them that you love them, and get those spontaneous gifts, but you also need to give them space. They're also humans with emotions and stress.

  7. Simply, be there for them. You don't need to be controlling and paranoid all the time. Trust them, and be there for them when they need you.

- Ethan


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