To Motivate Or Stay Motivated?

Oftentimes, we need to do something important: write a paper, do our exercise, maybe even read a book.

However, we can't motivate ourselves. And, instead of asking why, we assume it's because the work is hard, or boring. Meanwhile, when we do in fact start on the work, there's a momentum unbroken until it breaks, and then it's all over again - we can't start.

So, the question arises, is it because the work is hard itself, or is it because it's hard to start the work in the first place? Motivation.

Well, because there's a momentum when we do start, we've just eliminated the fact that it's not THE WORK, it's getting TO WORK. And, therefore, we need to focus on how to get motivated and get started, so that momentum is built again.

Here are FIVE tips to get motivated:

* think about your "why"

* meditate to clear your mind and observe your emotions

* tell yourself "just for a couple minutes"

* don't make a "to-do list", but start a "done list"

* get a motivational partner with similar goals

- Ethan

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