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There's no doubt that investing is part of personal development, right?

First off, I'd like to dedicate this moment to the definition of investing. What is investing?

Investing is about putting in time or money into something for long-term gain; notice long-term gain not short term (because, money is hard-earned, and, well time? You never get it back).

Therefore, being the best you, and being well-rounded, involves finances. And, the best way to get rich? It's what multi-millionaires and billionaires have in common. They invest their money into something that let's them make more money, and they do it again, and again.

It's a pretty well-known fact that rich people have multiple sources of income, too.

You may wonder where you need to start investing in. Well, you've come to the right place. I say: all the markets. Real estate, stocks, heck, even domains (which, by the way, I have a friend who is purging some of her domains on GoDaddy RIGHT NOW at all-time low prices compared to their values! More details on that at the bottom of this post...)

Investing is the key to financial freedom. And, what is financial freedom? It's "getting out of the rat race"... PASSIVE INCOME. It's not $1,000,000 flat in your bank account, but rather a recurring income, that comes passively (after hard work was put in), and you can scale (that part is VERY important). Passive income is also referring to "capital gains" (such as, buy low and sell high), because there isn't such a thing as "TRUE" passive income - you must work before to get that money in the first place.

When you go to work at a job, you can't necessarily "scale" your income. Yes, you can get a "raise", but that doesn't count. Getting a raise is not up to you, and not in your control, regardless of how you look at it (there's a fixed number of raises you can negotiate).

Just, make sure to not see "problems", and "risk", but "opportunities". Risk comes from doing something you basically have no clue about, vs opportunity comes from gaining wisdom and knowledge, and then action based on that wisdom and knowledge (remember, results only come from action).

Here's to financial freedom!

- Ethan


So, my friend has 11 domains she is purging (some she purchased for her former websites, some she purchased for fun, and a couple she purchased just to invest in).

They're all listed on GoDaddy (however, 7 of them are registered through Google Domains - which shouldn't be a problem purchasing them on GoDaddy, because you can use Escrow for a safe and secure transaction. Those registered with Google are highlighted in yellow like so).

She's selling ALL of them for ONLY $159 EACH! I say that with such excitement because GoDaddy offers an appraisal tool, and these domains were all appraised through GoDaddy - $159 vs their appraisal value is something special. All of these domains are premium domains, and trust me, you look through the premium domain listings... your jaw will drop at some of the prices the sellers post. Here, I'll include a list below with each of the domains being listed, and their appraisal value (remember, she is listing them each for $159).

"Ethan, what can I do with these domains?" That's a million dollar question, my friend. You can use them for a brand new website, maybe add them to an existing business, and, well, flip them (remember? Investing?) Again, you check out some of the premium listings yourself. Some of them are being listed for 4-5 figure prices. CRAZY.

  • - $1,460

  • - $1,580

  • - $1,236

  • - $1,033

  • - $1,025

  • - $1,180

  • - $1,447

  • - $1,298

  • - $1,156

  • - $1,301

  • - $1,477


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