The Power Within You

Do you have God in you? Inside of your heart, right now? Jesus. Allah. Science. Nature. Buddha.

Your Source; Your God; Your Creator. Your Source of Power. Having that power live inside of you. It's a living and breathing power that wants to be used and to help.

I've talked about this before. The power of believing in a higher power. What that does for you. And, I think a lot of people don't actually realize that even Atheists believe in a higher power. I listed science for a reason.

Me personally, I believe in Jesus. And what that does for me, is provides me with things that my life would never have, if I didn't believe in a higher power at all.

I'm able to feel a purpose in my life. I believe I'll rest in eternity one day, with my Lord and Savior, and there will be all of my loved ones, family and friends. I feel less fear and more love.

I want you to start meditating on YOUR higher power. Who is it? What is it? Why do you believe in what you believe? And, really meditate on the benefits you receive from believing in your "Source". Having that power inside of YOU. Because, it's there. It really is. We've come, so far, as human beings in this tiny, tiny world. It's only because of that Higher Power in our hearts.

- Ethan


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