The Power Of Sex

If you are in an intimate relationship, you need to be having sex. Period. Woman, man, other, it doesn't matter what your gender is, as long as you're intimate with your significant other.

If you are in a relationship with someone - whether it's dating or marriage - then you're on "the path of love".

Technically, dating is an activity done to figure out whether you want to get married or not. Therefore, it's possible you're dating somebody that you don't know if you love them, or not yet (or ever). And, maybe you're married to somebody you feel that you aren't in love with them as you used to be. All of this is natural. It happens all the time. It's difficult to deal with, but it's natural and it happens.

I'm not a marriage counselor, and I can't tell you whether or not you need to get a divorce. That is only your decision. I can tell you however that you need to be happy rather than miserable. I'm not say you should go off and ruin people's lives. Ever. But, we all make mistakes - so learn from them and move on. The more relationships you're in, the more you mature and the more you learn who your "dream spouse" is, because you've learned what you like in somebody, and what you dislike.

Now, given you're in a relationship with someone you do love, sex is a must.

We've all heard the "wait until marriage" BS. And I'm here to tell you that is the stupidest thing you can do. Let me explain why.

Marriage is supposed to be something that lasts until "death do you apart". And, most of the time, the "wait until marriage" philosophy is stated by religious people. Spiritually, it makes sense because "it's a sin". However, scientifically, it's the biggest load of crap you can lay on somebody's head in their understanding of love.

There's been too many times, where a couple waited until marriage to have sex, only to find out they hate it in bed with each other, and are miserable until death do them apart (oh, and they can't divorce because that's also "a sin", and would contradict their reason of waiting to have sex in the first place).

Sex with a partner:

* makes your bodies connect (literally)

* helps you see if you really want to be with them

* let's you feel more comfortable with your partner because, well, what's more nerve-racking than having sex for the first time?

* allows you to grow on every level together: emotionally, spiritually, and physically

* gives you the opportunity to release sexual tension with the person your heart belongs to, allowing you to prevent STD's and try endless sex position possibilities with that person

* and the list goes on...

It's extremely important to be with someone you want to be with. Not try and make the other person feel happy because you feel bad for them, but to be happy yourself, and let that person find their real true love.

What better way of figuring that out than having sex with them? If you two don't enjoy the same things, or are comfortable laying naked together, it's one of the most important clues to "they're not the one", and therefore, sex is important in a relationship. The happiest couples on earth are the ones whose sex life is one that people are jealous of (and I'm not talking about the immature "act happy and giggly" couples, but rather the ones who you KNOW are happy with each other; the ones who trust each other and act like themselves around each other no matter where they're at, and if they leave each other they fall apart).

Some food for thought...

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- Ethan

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