Play With Your Money

When we were kids, we played with toys. Barbies, cars, action figures, you name it!

Then, we grew older. We still like to "play", just with other things. Those other things, I call adult toys - NO not those type of adult toys... I'm talking REAL cars. REAL guns. MOTORCYCLES. And, like both types of toys, they cost MONEY.

I, on the other hand, play with my money. I put some in here, maybe a little in there, and before I know it, money's coming from all angles.

And, because of that, I'm able to buy things like nice cars.

HOWEVER, there's a difference between a gambler and an investor. Both of them play with their money, but one of them knows what they're doing, and the other one is clueless. The investor is taking calculated risks, and the gambler takes plain-old risks.

Learn to be an investor!

- Ethan


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