I am a big fan of meditation. Although, there are many forms of meditation.

I wouldn't go as far as saying I know the correct form of meditation, but I will say I know a meditation that works for me.

Now, what is meditation? Some of the words similar to mediation, include thought, reflection and prayer. Interesting, right? And, that's why I say meditation honestly works for all faiths and religions: you think (deeply), you reflect (emotions and wrong-doing), and you pray (cleanse and request).

I like to meditate, every morning, like this:

  1. First step, I sit in nature (usually with my legs crossed). Why? Because one, it's beautiful, and two, I feel (psychologically) closer to the universe.

  2. Second step, I just breathe. When meditating, technically your're supposed to think of nothing; absolutely nothing. But, that's way harder than it sounds. Like, seriously difficult. So, I'm able to think of nothing, because all I'm focusing on is the breath itself. "Breath in, one, breath out, two. Breath in, one, breath out, two."

  3. Finally, third step, I connect to my "Source" (God). This can be thinking about your Source, imagining your individual vibration connecting to your Source, and so on. And, you'd finish by repeating step two.

This works wonders for me. Try it!

- Ethan


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