Love At First Sight?

Updated: Sep 8

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, even love at all?

Listen, that's all up to you. However, love is important for us as human beings.

But, love isn't even just about dating, or marriage. You think a parent and their child isn't love? With that first moment the father holds his little daughter? That's also love at first sight. It's simply a different type of love.

All types of loves are powerful enough for us to do things beyond our comprehensions, and things we normally would not do.

I once read an article that stated the secret to longevity was to have positive relationships. Man, I wish I knew the title and link to that article, because I would have definitely shared it with you! But, my point is, love is powerful. When you love someone, you treat them differently than if you didn't. Love brings joy. Love brings laughter. Love brings warmth. And, love brings coldness and sorrow - only to remind you of the warmth and joy. Love is patient, and love is kind.

Love is so powerful, that the Bible states that God is Love.

What does love have to do with personal development? Um, everything. Love teaches you to be patient, and to forgive. Everybody needs to be loved because they need to love: they need somebody to love. Yes, I love my coffee (I mean, LOVE my coffee), but that's a different type of love than the one I have for the human beings in my life.

However, love doesn't happen overnight. Love is so mysterious! There is a process to love and to be loved: growth.

CLICK HERE for a YouTube video about a powerful message on love, and the growth that takes place. I remember first seeing this video, and I was HOOKED the second I turned it on. It truly is powerful, and changes your perspective on love. A big part of this video is about leadership, but that's why I say all subjects come together.

Love is just one of those pieces to the puzzle of your life, that's very important.

Here's to LOVE.

- Ethan


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