Let's Motivate You To Jump

When it comes down to motivation, the problem is not staying motivated. Well, most of the time. The real problem here is getting motivated. It's like building a successful fire. The biggest challenge with building a fire is getting it to start burning, because feeding the fire is the easy part.

Therefore, if you are struggling with motivation, you need to remind yourself that your focus should not be on motivation as a whole, but rather getting to it in general. Focus on getting motivated, and the motivational continuance will follow on its own.

Okay, now how do you get motivated? You actually have many options! There's no right answer. On top of that, there are generic answers that apply to most people, and then there are personal answers that apply to you personally (for example, if someone loves boxing, that thought will motivate them to do more cardio in order to make them more efficient in the sport). Whatever it takes to get you to take that leap, and then the rest comes naturally.

Something I recently started doing is hanging up motivational art, posters, and things along that line. It not only makes my house and office look really nice and decorated, but it truly gets me going on getting motivated.

I also encourage you to CLICK HERE for my post I did previously on my top five tips on getting motivated. This short post talks about what I discuss here today, and gives you a short list of five things I like doing to "start the engine".

And, if you want to see the motivational posters I got recently, CLICK HERE. With the Holidays coming up, these posters also make great gifts!

- Ethan

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