It's On The Other Side Of That Wall

All the things you want, are on the other side. You just can't quit.

I'm sure you've heard that A LOT. "Don't quit! You can do it". At this point, it's pretty annoying. Most of us, yes, agree with it, but do we ever stop and acknowledge that?

That wall in your life, that separates you from your dreams, does seem big. Maybe it is! Perhaps it's SO big, and heavy! But, life is about creativity. If you keep drilling through the wall, and nothing's changing, perhaps you need to find a different way. Dig underneath the wall. Maybe keep walking until you find the end so you can go around it. Hey, find a way to jump over it, or climb over it.

My point is, "don't quit", doesn't necessarily mean "keep drilling through that wall". It means don't quit trying to achieve your dreams - whether that is in fact continuing the drilling until you get through, or find another way. Because, the truth is, your goal is to be on the other side of that wall, regardless of how you do it.

- Ethan

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