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Updated: Oct 2

Financial freedom. That's why you invest. Or, need to start investing.

What keeps people from investing? Let's discuss that.

The biggest reason why people never get around to investing, besides the lack of financial education, is fear. And, fear is caused by the original lack of financial education. It's like a circle.

Assuming you're not a Bypass Surgeon, I'm going to go ahead and ask you this question: would you be scared to perform bypass surgery on somebody today?

The reason why you answered "HELL YES", is because you have no knowledge on the subject. However, if you were to get educated and certified, as well as acquired the necessary amount of practice, you would feel completely opposite about that. This is due to the fact that you'd now understand it, and the fear is gone because the lack of education is gone.

So, as a result of this fear, caused by the lack of financial education, people simply never get around to it.

They hand of their money to "professionals", who are oftentimes not very financially successful themselves.

These people want "low risk", and slowly let their life's ship sail away, working hard for the rich themselves, hoping that one day, their inflation-eaten savings, after the IRS takes their cut, is going to make them rich someday.

So, they just don't start investing.

However, at the same time, not starting is exactly what the BIGGEST mistake is, in the world of business. And, every second that passes, you are literally WASTING opportunities. You might as well be collecting opportunities, pouring gasoline on them, and lighting the pile on fire. It's equivalent to this scenario.

Now, how are you to fix this?

LEARN AND GET EDUCATED. I repeat this SO MANY TIMES. Almost every other subject, people want to learn before they start. They buy books, research YouTube videos, and seek mentors. However, for whatever fricking reason, when somebody is sick and tired of working for somebody, they instantly snap their fingers and say "I'm starting my business today! I want to be MY OWN BOSS!"

What happens after that?

They become a bigger slave to their own dying business, and go back to working a 9-5 job, contributing to the society of "don't invest, and don't try to be an entrepreneur because you'll fail".

Don't be that person.

To learn investing as a beginner, CLICK HERE.

- Ethan


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