I Hate Driving!

I absolutely HATE driving!

Why? Because of certain drivers... You see, the roads are public. That means they're owned and shared by the public. This is due to the fact that our taxes pay for their creation and maintenance.

But you see, morons are also allowed to drive.

There are two major things that make me dread the road:

1) my pet peeves (I share those below)

2) the fact that you're not just driving for yourself, but driving for everybody around you --> this is exactly what makes driving dangerous.

For example, let's take "Mark" for example.

Mark is a very safe driver. He drives the speed limit, he keeps a good distance from the vehicles in front of him, and he always yields when necessary. His vehicle is even equipped with a dash camera.

One day, Mark is on the road at the same time as, let's say "Joe". Joe is one of those irresponsible drivers, who only focuses on his phone when driving, and turning up his already-loud bass.

Joe catches up to where Mark is. Mark is in the left lane and Joe is on the right lane. While texting, Joe wants to speed up in his loud annoying-ass car really fast and switch lanes. This is the part that gets scary. At that moment, Mark is following the rules, safely driving in his lane. Meanwhile, Joe doesn't signal, doesn't check his mirrors, and does not look over his shoulder.


Joe hits Mark and Mark's car goes into the lane of oncoming traffic, forcing him to ram into a car going at him, at the same speed. Even his dash camera caught that!

The sad part about this story (even though the characters are fictional), is this happens more than often, in real life. And, the reason why, is because, again, you don't drive for yourself only, but everybody else. You need to not only be a safe and legal driver, but ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings!


  • When drivers don't use their signal when switching lanes (seriously! WHY?! YOU DON'T LOOK COOL YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE)

  • Tailgaters (oh man I just want to hit the brakes as hard as I can during those moments)

  • People who use their phones while driving - you can usually tell too, as their cars swerve, similar to if they were drunk

  • Motorcycles that accelerate faster than Flash, and just drive through in between lanes and around cars as they please... until "Joe" switches lanes...

  • The people I call "YOUR LOUDNESS" - I'm talking about modified exhaust pipes and turned up basses. Yeah, that's annoying as hell

These are my pet peeves because they're not only DANGEROUS, they're severely distracting, and seriously, they DO NOT MAKE YOU COOL. I cannot stress that enough. NOBODY THINKS YOU'RE COOL when you do these. There is NOBODYYYY in the world that sees you do any of those, and says "whoa! I need to be their friends!"

Please, ladies and gentlemen. Drive safely, and be respectful of one another.

Also, if you want to see the dash camera I personally use for my car, CLICK HERE.

- Ethan

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