I Can't Teach You Everything About Financial Freedom

Many people wonder, why "rich" people can't go out of their ways and help the people who want to be rich.

Well, why don't personal trainers do that with people overweight? Go out, and help all of them?

Fitness is one of the most favored metaphors and analogies used in the entrepreneurship world.

For example, let's start with the basics: first off, the overweight person needs to want to change. And, to do that, he/she needs to be result-oriented. What does that mean? It means instead of wishing to lose weight and look great, have the desire to CHANGE: put in that effort. To eat clean, to start lifting weights, to do more cardio - sacrifices.

And, the same exact thing applies to financial freedom: be result-oriented, desire CHANGE, and sacrifice things you normally wouldn't for the benefit of your future financially.

So, where do you begin? See, here's exactly where my explanation comes in, for why I can't teach you everything about financial freedom.

Financial freedom means and comes from many things:

* real estate

* stocks

* royalties

* company

* precious metals

* the list goes on

I can't teach you all of that! It's up to YOU to make the difference in your life.

Let's go back to fitness as an example. There are SO many people who are in shape, just like the list I made for financial freedom. There are success stories from cross-fit, bodybuilders, marathon runners, you name it! Yes, they all work, again, just like the list I gave you up top, however, not all of them are for everyone. One millionaire maybe found his financial freedom in the stock market, but the other millionaire found her financial freedom by launching a company. Both are financially free, but both took separate journeys.

I can't teach you everything about financial freedom. But, I can guide you. I can motivate you. I can give you ideas and examples.

That's what Ethan's Personal Development Blueprint is meant to do. And, it's up to you to find your path for your success story!

- Ethan


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