I Can't Sleep...

Sleep is a wonderful thing. But tonight, I can't seem to stay asleep. I fall asleep, and then wake up again. I wish I was like this sweet kitty, just peacefully resting, but that's not me tonight.

So, I came here to talk about it...

You know, there are many different things that can cause this to happen. And, sleep problems happen to almost everybody. I can't really pinpoint why it's happening to me right now necessarily, but I can make a list of things that may keep someone from getting a good night's sleep.

First off, I'd like to point out that sleeping is associated with motivation and anxiety. It's very interesting! They go hand-in-hand with each other.

If you are suffering from a lack of motivation, for various different things in your life, or if you have an anxiety disorder (even anxious about something in particular), it's very easy to develop, say, Insomnia. And, vise versa. This is the part that proves they go hand-in-hand with each other; if you don't get enough sleep, or good quality sleep (there's a difference), then you most definitely can develop a big lack of motivation, and/or perhaps anxiety.

This is why I say it's crucial, to your life, in personal development and basic health (and quality of life), to get a lot of good quality sleep.

So, what exactly causes someone to have a night of disruptive sleep?

Here's a list of five common reasons:


Yup, that'll do it for sure. It's not only unhealthy to sleep in a hot bedroom (so, bad quality sleep), but it'll also keep you from maintaining your sleep.


Sleep apnea is basically bad breathing, that isn't "a pattern" like your normal breathing. In other words, shallow breathing. If you snore, or you stop breathing altogether as you fall asleep, you'll keep on waking up.


Do you binge eat before bed? Or, eat low-quality food (processed, high in sugar, etc)? This might cause indigestion, heartburn, and so on. Super bad for your sleep quality.


Insomnia is basically what we're discussing, but it's a medical condition (meaning, it's consistent no matter what). What I mean by that is, the definition of Insomnia is not being able to stay asleep. As a result, you're tired all day, causing many other different medical conditions, and when you go back to sleep that night, the same thing will happen. Again, the difference between what we're discussing and Insomnia itself, is that this list contains things that might disrupt your sleep once or twice, whereas Insomnia isn't always caused by your room being overheated or a poor diet, but rather it's a medical condition in of itself. Makes sense?


As we mentioned, anxiety especially, will make your sleep go downhill. You either won't be able to fall asleep period, keep waking up, or a mixture of both. It's terrible. Lot's of worry, and depression, will keep you from getting high quality sleep persistently. It's crucial to keep your stress levels down naturally, for not just sleep but quality of life.

What can you do about these obstacles?

Many things, actually. However, it does depend on the obstacle itself. This is where you need to investigate what's bothering you, so that you can fix it.

And, it's more simple than you may think.

Let's go down those five common obstacles again.

1) If your bedroom is too hot, cool it! Get a window AC if you don't have a thermostat.

2) If you have sleep apnea, perhaps talk to you doctor. Maybe buy a snoring kit.

3) If your eating sucks, and you have a crappy diet, stop immediately. Poor eating isn't just affecting your sleep quality, but your liver, weight, heart, etc. I'd recommend reading some nutritional books.

4) If you have insomnia, you might also want to talk to your doctor about that. Limit (or preferably eliminate) stimulants and alcohol. Melatonin also provides relief from insomnia, and I personally use it regularly - in fact, I'm a BIG fan of it because it's a naturally produced hormone by our brains to regulate sleep cycles, and taking it doesn't cause an addiction.

5) If your stress levels are high, work on stress-management, such as meditation, exercising regularly, and so on. If you want to know what supplements I use (herbal and all natural), that help my stress levels and that actually WORK for me, CLICK HERE. You can also CLICK HERE to check out my new book on Kindle on the Seven Fundamentals of Personal Development (the same categories on this blog), where I talk about managing your stress.

In the end, it's up to YOU to overcome your sleeping obstacles, and trust me my dear friends, it feels amazing when you do!

- Ethan

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