I Argued With A Professor

I'm not college educated, but entrepreneur educated, instead.

However, I did GO to college.

I remember taking Introduction to Business.

Let me tell you something: unless you're studying to own a job, don't take college business classes. They don't teach you to own a business, because, again, they teach you to own a job.

I took this class when I was already about a year in the "entrepreneur mindset". It is FAR different than the wannabe entrepreneur mindset.

Let me elaborate on that: Robert Kiyosaki is one of my favorite entrepreneurs. He teaches something called the "4 quadrants" - the E (employee), the S (small business), the B (big business), and the I (investor).

When I mentioned the "own a job" vs "own a business", I'm talking about the S quadrant (own a job) and the B quadrants (own a business). College teaches you the S quadrant. Why? Because small business owners oftentimes work more than employees themselves. Big business owners on the other hand, the B quadrant, own a SYSTEM. This means, as a small business owner, if you get sick or leave on vacation, there's no income coming in. But, as a big business owner, it doesn't matter if you get sick or leave on vacation, because either your business is online and you can run it anywhere, and/or you have the "system" (enough employees) covering the positions necessary to run the business while you're not there, to ensure that there is income coming in.

Long story short, my college professor hated me, because the way I view business is very different than the way he teaches it. And, the best part about that, is he does not own a business nor has he ever owned a business.

What's the lesson here? Don't get taught by people who claim to be "experts" but are inexperienced themselves. Let the people who actually DO have experience, the real experts, educate you.

- Ethan


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