How Stretching Turned Into Yoga

You know how I say that personal development has all aspects included?

Well, this is an interesting story that is as an example of that.

You see, when I first got into bodybuilding, I didn't like to just focus on bodybuilding. I wanted to focus on ALL aspects of fitness. So, I included weights, calisthenics, cardio, and, well, stretching.

At first I thought "oh jeez... stretching...". However, I can't explain it: it felt so good. Also, just to be clear, I always stretch AFTER training rather than before, because that minimizes injuries and helps muscles recover (think "warm cheese" and how it's more "stretchy").

I went from a simple yoga mat for stretching, to a complete set.

I just enjoyed the feeling of my muscles pulling away from each other: hamstrings, calves, forearms, you name it.

Eventually, I realized stretching can be more than just fitness. It can be yoga. Maybe that's why they call it "yoga mat". In fact, that's exactly why they call it a yoga mat.

Of course, when doing yoga stretching, you aren't necessarily told to "workout first", but the concept of stretching after working out is only referring to your muscles having blood in them - or, they're "warm". So, saunas, steam rooms, even showers if you have one big enough, will do the trick. Or, some light exercises.

Long story short, a simple fitness thing became a stress relief routine; yoga every night (every morning is just as good). And, having a mixture of yoga equipment has helped me tremendously.

Because of yoga, I am less prone to injuries, I feel more flexible, and my mind feels clearer. I have definitely built up my stress tolerance without being stressed but instead, pulling my muscles apart as I clear my mind: yoga.

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- Ethan

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