How's Your Dating Game?

Many people struggle with their relationships. There's a problem here, and there's a problem there. Sometimes, there's problems everywhere.

How your dating, or marriage is, applies to personal development.

To be your best you, your relationships need to be healthy.

I want to first bring up the fact that mistakes are progress. Unless you don't acknowledge your mistakes and always repeat them, mistakes are necessary in all aspects of our lives. They help us learn and grow.

Therefore, rejections, or arguments, are essential. At first, they sting - perhaps they BURN from the pain. But, overtime, your scars help you become better. You've heard "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", right? Well, it's true.

I also want to bring up the fact that - and mistakes are a part of this - practice makes perfect. All of the best pickup artists started with being rejected, and simply didn't give up, so their practice made perfect.

Keep working on your relationships, and don't quit.

Love is two people who don't give up on each other.

- Ethan

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