Get In Touch With Your Inner Power

There is a higher power, that lives within you.

I want you to stop, and think to yourself: "What do I believe in?"

I frequently talk about the fact that no matter where you stand on religion and faith, you have your own. Yes, even Atheists.

Atheists have Nature and Science - a force equivalent to "God". They might not pray or meditate on it, but that's their inner power.

Muslims have Allah, and Christians have Jesus. There's a reason why I keep coming back to the fact that it's important to not only identity who, or what, your "Source" is (your "God"), but to practice building a healthy relationship with that Source.

There are many scientific benefits to having a belief in a higher power! You find a sense of purpose in your life, it helps fight off depression, brings comfort to you in times of sorrow, and the list goes on!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to find YOUR Inner Power. Get in touch with it, and get to know YOUR Source.

And, if you'd like: for your FREE soul reading, CLICK HERE! This one is so fun to play around with.

- Ethan


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