Education Starts With Reading

Updated: Sep 23

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Seven Fundamentals of Personal Development talks about the seven categories in this very blog, with each fundamental (category) being discussed in-depth, by explaining what it is, why it's important to personal development, and what you can do to improve yourself in that aspect.

Think about it: what happens when everyday, you work on becoming better than yesterday, in these aspects:

* Spirituality

* Fitness and Nutrition

* Motivation and Anxiety

* Stress Management

* Relationships

* Investing and Personal Finance

* Education

You know what happens? You become a well-rounded person, which ultimately means your "temple" will not fall, because all the bricks are in place.



In my opinion, reading is the key thing that holds one's wisdom and intelligence together. It starts with reading, and it ends with reading.

In 2020, it's more typical to see electronic based reading, and I fully support it: about 80% of my book collection is digital.

The important thing here is, that reading happens.

So many people spend too much money on a degree that they never use, when they could have spent less than 25% on books alone and learned 12X more than they did in college (and, probably drink/party less).

You can literally buy the same textbooks universities use online. You can buy books that teach you the unorthodox way (most of my knowledge comes from those books: I know about cooking, traveling, fitness, etc., due to the fact that I read books written by regular people like you and I). Hell, you can buy a ton of ebooks right now on your kindle

Knowledge allows you to be comfortable with trying new things, and be confident and actually starting on working towards your dream - which, the number one mistake that people make that keeps them from reaching their goals, is not starting at all (and, why? Because they aren't confident enough. And, that's because they simply don't know enough about the subject to be confident to start in the first place).

You see where I'm going with this?

Start reading, today!

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- Ethan


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