Don't Stop Growing!

Updated: Sep 6

Here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen.

A lot of people get this wrong, even though they KNOW it's wrong. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the misconception that growth happens overnight. That's right! I know it, and you know that this isn't true. But too many people actually believe this, and get frustrated when they don't see the results they want, only because they didn't happen overnight.

Let me give you an example: bodybuilding. Before I continue, I want to mention that success isn't even "reaching a goal". It's reaching more than one goal. It's maintaining that success as it grows consistently. So, the bodybuilder example. I don't know how much you know about bodybuilding, or even if you like the subject of bodybuilding! However, I want you to close your eyes and imagine someone who is considered a "successful bodybuilder". Why are they successful? Well, first of all, they were result-oriented, right? They did what needed to be done. But, second of all, and this is the most important thing here, is they're successful because they're "not successful". Pretty confusing, right? Well, to the average person, they made it! Their body is perfect, and they look like a god/goddess. However, did you know that they're striving to be better than yesterday? They don't stop growing. And, that's what success is. It's a combination of being result-oriented to meet your FIRST goal, and then to raise that bar up, knowing there is no limit, so that you don't stop growing.

Don't stop growing :)

- Ethan

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