Continuing Your Education

How do you define education?

Education and "learning", is different. Plain and simple. To "learn", means to memorize. To "educate yourself", means to memorize, understand, apply to your life, and be able to teach. Sure, I say "learn" a lot. Everybody does. But, most of the time, I'm referring to education.

This is why education goes into personal development. You could say that education is the BACKBONE of personal development.

And, education doesn't stop in high school, or even college. I don't even count those two as real education, because the fact that there are SO MANY successful people out there, who either never finished high school or college, is pretty well known at this point, and explains why I don't view them as real education. Real education is books, mentors, seminars, and so on.

I personally like the idea of studying several subjects at once. I read many books at once. I have several mentors. I've been to a lot of seminars. Therefore, my education is diversified, and that makes somebody well-rounded.

Don't stop your education. Continue it :)

- Ethan


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