Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin said, "nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles".

I love that quote, because it motivates you and calms you down.

However, because nothing is permanent, that'd include the good things in life, right? FALSE.

You may have heard "what goes up, must come down" - this is in fact true. BUT, I always try to look at things positively, instead of negatively.

"Ethan, what do you mean?"

I mean, for the "troubles" in our lives, I do view that: what goes up, must come down. On the other hand, for the good things in life, after it comes back down, I say: why not make it go BACK UP? Imagine a rubber bouncy ball representing your success. As it goes up in the air, it represents your goal being achieved. But, with gravity in existence, it must come down, right? Yes, that is VERY true.

If you've studied business, you'd have learned that every business and every business's product has a lifespan; it's split up into four stages

  1. introduction

  2. growth

  3. maturity

  4. decline

From the introduction stage to the decline stage, it actually draws a "hump" on a graph (what goes up, must come down). This process, happens to EVERY business, and EVERY product, no matter what you believe. Now, what separates the businesses that last forever, from the businesses that die off so soon, is the successful businesses don't stop at decline: in other words, yes, they did come down, but therefore, they made it go back up - and they do it again, and again, because gravity will do its job again, and again.

So, with the rubber bouncy ball example, when it comes down, because it's rubber and it's bouncy, it literally goes back up on it's own, and that's why your success, and your goals, need to be like that bouncy ball. Eventually, it stops going up on it's own, and that's where you come in.

Keep your success going back up, whenever it comes down, but let your problems stay down when they fall.

- Ethan

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