Cardio Sucks (Yet It's Healthy)

Most of us hate cardio: trust me, I'm the KING of "I hate cardio".

And, at this point, it's pretty well-known that too much cardio not only kills your "gains", but it's also bad for you.

Yet, it's healthy.

WHAT? How does THAT make sense?

Well, there's too much of all things: good and bad.

So, I'm not going to sit here and say "don't do cardio" like SO many YouTubers and health bloggers say nowadays, because that's simply not true.

Cardio IS good for you. It's good for your heart, your brain, your mood, metabolism, and so on.

You just have to know how much cardio to do, and when to do it.

Cardio is best done after weights, because your carbs have been used up by "lifting", and therefore, since cardio is a slow-paced activity (usually), your stored fat is then used as energy. Even if it's not slow-paced (sprinting, boxing, etc), it's still going to do the trick. You're also not going to feel drained, like you would if you did cardio before weights, because you're not going to drain the carbs, your body's favorite energy source (glucose), necessary for your muscle's performance.

Listen, I get it. Cardio is boring as hell, and it just sucks, for lack of a better word. But, you NEED it. It's good for you. Not too much, and not the first thing before weights. 30 minutes should do it. And, again, AFTER weights.

- Ethan


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