Carb Diet The Right Way

These days, all I hear is this and that, about how someone stopped carbs altogether and now looks like they live on Mount Olympus.

Well, actually, the reality is, our bodies were not meant to remove carbohydrates. Limit, sure. Eat complex carbs instead of simple? YES. But remove? Absolutely not. The sickness you first feel when you try it, often referred to as "keto flu", is your body's natural reaction to the severe change as it's trying to adapt to a nonsense claim which is supposedly backed up by science.

Are you going for short-term gains, or long-term gains? Because here's the thing, I always talk about those two things; it's important to think about when setting goals.

The real trick here, is something called carb-cycling. It is literally the only reason cheat days exist - yes, that's right - and the only reason the so called "scientific claims" about the whole keto diet were born in the first place.

Basically, this is how it works. For a certain period of time (3-6 days, depending on your fitness routine), you remove carbohydrates completely (or limit severely), and focus on proteins/fats (of course, healthy fats, and PRIMARILY proteins: even fats you limit, if you dare). And, it works even better, if you can cut your portions in half. No, I don't believe in counting your calories, but that doesn't mean you can have as much food as you want, including as much "carb-free" foods, because too much of anything is bad for you, and you need to have a healthy limit for all things in life. Therefore, don't eat bacon all day but limit your bacon instead.

Then, your "cheat day", serves as a carb-cycling day. Because for that half/full week you've been removing carbs (and limiting fats), your body has quickly converted to using your stored fat as energy, since your proteins were used to rebuild your muscles, which, therefore, when your body finally gets those carbs back, it sucks the glucose in, and resets your metabolism. Ladies and gentlemen, we've all been there, where we're on a roll, and finally our bodies have had enough and will not burn off that excess fat. But, with this trick, you not only reset your metabolism once, you do it repeatedly, forever, and the results come quicker than you think. And, the most beautiful thing, is that you get to eat whatever you want (I'm talking about cheat days), and don't have to remove carbohydrates forever, because, again, they are extremely important!

This system doesn't even require much cardio, and instead more weights.

Try it for yourself! It's literally that simple.

- Ethan


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