Are You Ready To Have Children?

One of the most important questions in life, is are you ready to have children? If you're thinking about makin' some babies, stop and think if you are in fact ready.

Many couples who fall in love, decide having a baby will solve their problems. When, a lot of the time, it does the opposite. It ruins everything by making life harder. I'm not saying they regret the child, but rather that they would have thought twice if they could see into the future.

Another thing I've observed, is that the couples that have children soon in their relationship, typically aren't able to take care of themselves. And, this makes everything harder. You know; they're young, they haven't reached their educational/career goals yet, live paycheck to paycheck, and so on.

Don't get me wrong, having children is something everybody (who is sane and warmhearted) should experience. My message here today is to make sure you're ready before you do.

* Are you set in your career?

* Do you have your education out of the way (given that you did decide to go to college)?

* Are you struggling with your bills?

* How much money do you have leftover after bills?

* How healthy is your relationship with you spouse / significant other? You don't want to be raising that child all by themselves!

It doesn't hurt to use your brain, but instead, does the opposite: using your brain only provides benefits to your life.

- Ethan

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