Are You Depressed?

Depression keeps you from being your best you. Why? Because no matter how big your dreams are, and no matter how close you are to making your dreams a reality, your depression blocks you from even wanting to get up and do anything productive.

If you suppress it short-term, such as alcohol or drugs, it becomes worse when it wears off. And, by doing nothing about it, you're actually feeding your depression. If you're going to treat depression with medication, it better be herbal.

So, if you're depressed, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, and go do something. This may feel daunting at first, but I promise you, you're going to be so happy you did it! I'm talking about getting out and going to the park, go shopping, meet somebody new, and so on. Maybe you could pick up on a new hobby or skill.

Something that always get's me excited is when I get a new accessory to something I love doing (such as new fishing hooks for my fishing pole).

Long story-short, stop feeding your depression by not doing anything and watching TV all day. If you're going to watch TV at least watch education content. Treat your depression instead. And, remember: you treat your depression by working on long-term progress not short-term gains.

- Ethan


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