Addicted To Learning

Once upon a time, I hated school. I hated it as a child, I hated it as a teenager, and I even hated college - which I enrolled into myself. Funny, I know.

I hated school because I felt forced. As a child and a teenager, I basically had no choice. And, the college part is based on a ton of peer pressure, since my family was all like "you need to go to college! You need to get a degree for a good job".

Now, going to school as a child and a teenager, I appreciate - but college? Waste of time.

See, here's the thing. No matter how much entrepreneurs disagree with the school system, I appreciate children learning for free, on how to read, how to write, how to add and subtract; learn the history of our Nation, try science experiments, and so on. It's important to get that basic education, to move onto life and figure out what you want to do.

On the other hand, college? LOL. Here's the reality:

- most graduates are in debt (basically forever)

- most graduates don't use that degree (waste of money, and even worse, waste of time)

- getting a degree is only beneficial for things that require it (attorney, doctor, etc)

During college, however, I started to take on private education. I'm not talking about private schools, but books, private courses, seminars/webinars, and so on. And, I was hooked. I became addicted to learning; true education.

That is really what I wanted to talk to you today.

Did you know that many entrepreneurs spend about $10,000 all the way up to $90,000+ on education every year? Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT on college. They're buying books (paper and ebook), they're attending seminars, and they're paying mentors and for private courses to learn, to become better at what they already know, only making them much better people, and business owners.

An interesting fact about that fact? They're not just buying business material. They learn about martial arts, cooking, fitness and nutrition, and even relationships. That's right.

"Huh... no wonder Ethan's Personal Development Blueprint has more than one subject". YUP.

My friends, today I encourage you to go out and start your journey of private education. Go study what interests you. If your main interest is volleyball, then by all means: buy volleyball books, watch volleyball videos, pay volleyball mentors, etc... because this is YOUR personal development, and nobody else's.

- Ethan


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