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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that.

Ethan's Personal Development Blueprint is a daily blog on, well, personal development, BUT, in every category: fitness, investing, you name it. Because, to be your BEST you, you need to be well-diversified.

And, the best part? No more long-article nonsense. I provide short reads, and get to the point! You'll be able to learn new things, have access to resources nobody else will provide, and grow in all angles of personal development, all at once in less than 3 minutes reading time.

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My Journey


I'm the type of person that has always been all over the place. People would tell me this, and that, about how I need to stick to one thing. And, like many people, I'd listen to them. I would believe somebody, if they told me "you can't do that". That was one of the many things people would tell me, about how I can't do something: "you're all over the place, just settle down".

Until, I did it. I ran that marathon, I lost that weight, I made that money - then I realized I was all over the place, and still successful. And, the truth is, being all over the place, is exactly what some of the most successful people, are in the world, and you know why? You can't build a mansion with only one material: there's a mixture of tools and material that needs to be used and put into place.

This is exactly where I came up with "Ethan's Personal Development Blueprint". Because, personal development is not just meditation. It is a commitment to being all over the place. Not being disorganized, but having every aspect of your life organized and growing daily.

- Ethan Mackey


​Ethan Mackey is an individual that has been passionate about the idea of being a well-rounded person. He has been dedicated to the growth in various subjects throughout one's life. He believes that personal development is many things, and are closely related to all aspects of life, which make a person successful overall - being in shape, eating healthy, obtaining financial freedom, cleansing your soul, having a positive relationship with your loved one(s), and much more.


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